Scanning laser Doppler vibrometry is a full-field vibration imaging measurement technique in which the vibrometer measurement beam scans the test object and records the vibration data of a grid of measurement points within a short time.

The Optomet scanning laser Doppler vibrometer (SLDV) combines the superior signal quality of the Nova SWIR digital vibrometers with beam deflection mirrors, a HD video camera, an integrated signal generator and inputs for reference channels. With the OptoSCAN software, the scanning laser vibrometer becomes a turn-key and intuitively operated vibration visualization system. In conjunction with the OptoGUI software, the SLDV can be operated as a single-point vibrometer.

The non-contact vibration measurement of any test structure provides precise and valuable insight into the structure’s dynamic behavior. Operating and structural vibrations can be animated, resonances identified, finite element model calculations validated, or the energy propagation of surface waves made visible.

State-of-the-art Scanning Laser Vibrometry

Optomet pioneered the world’s first short-wave infrared (SWIR) laser-based scanning laser Doppler vibrometer which eliminates the need for surface treatment and produces the highest quality data through superior measurement sensitivity.

Maximum Sensitivity due to the Largest Optical Aperture

The Optomet scanning laser Doppler vibrometer has the industry’s largest optical aperture, maximizing the collection of reflected laser light. This ensures the highest possible measurement sensitivity even at points with minimal laser backscattering.

Measurements on Any Surface

By combining the ultra-high sensitivity of the Optomet scanning laser Doppler vibrometer with the superior signal quality of the SWIR laser technology, even surfaces with minimal optical reflectivity and at the greatest measurement distances can be accurately measured. Test objects with varying surface reflectivity and complex geometries are measured by the Optomet scanning laser Doppler vibrometer in one measurement process, without the measurement surface having to be prepared with reflective film.

User-friendly Measurement Software

The OptoSCAN scanning laser vibrometer software is the industry’s most user friendly and modern user interface which enables even inexperienced users to efficiently obtain precise measurement data. For details see Software / OptoSCAN.

Features of the Optomet Vibrometers

Features common to all Optomet SWIR digital laser Doppler vibrometers include ultraDSP universal digital signal processing, real portability, intuitive hardware and state of the art software are described in more detail in the product-overview.

Vibrations of a Rough Rotating Grinding Wheel