Save time and costs with our flexible system that eliminates the need for constant repositioning.

More flexibility and functionality

The Fiber-Multiplex is an innovative extension designed specifically for the Optomet Fiber series, offering enhanced functionality by integrating an additional fiber switch. This advanced feature enables the seamless connection of multiple fiber heads to the vibrometer, opening up a world of expanded measurement possibilities.

Measuring without repositioning

By leveraging the power of the Fiber-Multiplex, users can effortlessly connect and utilize multiple fiber heads with their vibrometer system. This flexibility allows for simultaneous measurements from different locations or angles, significantly reducing measurement time and effort. Whether you need to capture data from various points on a complex surface or conduct simultaneous measurements on multiple test objects, the Fiber-Multiplex empowers you to achieve comprehensive insights efficiently and accurately.

Simple set-up

With its user-friendly design and straightforward operation, integrating the Fiber-Multiplex into your Optomet Fiber series setup is a breeze. Simply connect the fiber heads to the fiber switch and enjoy the enhanced capabilities it brings to your vibrometer system.