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The Fiber-Micro-Manipulator is a state-of-the-art tool designed for precise laser alignment. With its innovative mirror-controlled system, operated effortlessly by a joystick with a high gear ratio, it provides unparalleled control over the laser beam direction. This advanced technology works in perfect synergy with the Fiber vibrometer, harnessing the advantages of SWIR laser capabilities to accurately measure dark, rough, or glowing surfaces with ease.

For optimal alignment precision, a visible targeting laser is integrated into the system. This laser assists in achieving the desired alignment, ensuring accuracy and efficiency in the setup process. The compact and lightweight design of the sensing head facilitates seamless integration into existing systems, while the autofocus feature enables flexibility in achieving different working distances and small spot sizes.

When combined with a microscope, the Fiber-Micro-Manipulator unlocks a new level of precision alignment possibilities. This unique combination allows for separate measurements, enabling researchers, for example, to analyze the ear canal while ensuring precise alignment of the laser beam.

The human ear

The human ear represents an incredibly demanding system for amplifying sound and detecting vibrations. With the advent of state-of-the-art laser Doppler vibrometers, we now have the ability to explore the intricate vibrational and dynamic characteristics of hearing mechanics like never before. These cutting-edge instruments offer unmatched accuracy, resolution, and user-friendly operation, enabling researchers to delve into new dimensions of understanding.

Laser vibrometers have become an indispensable tool for individuals actively engaged in the design, development, quality control, calibration, and certification of middle ear implants. By harnessing the power of laser vibrometry, professionals in this field gain invaluable insights into the performance and behavior of these implants. This technology empowers them to make informed decisions, refine designs, ensure optimal functionality, and enhance the overall quality of their creations.

Compact and Flexible Measurement Heads

Small and compact optical heads make the system suitable for measurements in confined spaces and simplify handling considerably, especially when the heads have to be repositioned frequently. Variants with a built-in camera make it easier to define the measuring point. Heads are available for long distances and tiny heads are offered for extremely confined spaces.

Autofocus Pro Mid-Range Fiber Head
  • Dimension (L x B x H): 241 x 100,5 x 44 mm
  • Removable fiber cable
  • Autofocus, remote focus, manual focus
  • Working distance: 135 mm … 10 m
  • Min. focus spot size (typ.): 42 µm at 135 mm
  • Smaller spot size of the pilot laser
  • Compatible with Micro-Manipulator