The Nova series is a modern and digital free beam laser Doppler vibrometer (LDV), which works with a SWIR measuring laser (Short-Wavelength-InfraRed; SWIR). The Nova series is essential when every decibel is important for the signal level or exceptional dynamic range is required. Typical scenarios relate to structures that reflect visible light poorly, such as dark and rough surfaces or biological tissue. Even when measuring over long distances, for example in construction or on glowing surfaces such as turbine blades in the aerospace industry or in vehicle and plant construction, the signal strength is crucial.

Measurements on carbon composite panels or other non-cooperative materials can be carried out just as easily as measurements at distances of more than 200 m, without the need to treat the surface of the measurement object.

Infrared Laser Vibrometry – Measure on all Surfaces!

The short-wave infrared (SWIR) laser source installed in the Nova series enables measurements without surface treatment even on the most difficult surfaces with a high signal-to-noise ratio (SNR), be it deep black, incandescent metal or glass.

Higher Laser Power

The wavelength of 1,550 nm used allows an output power up to 10 mW, being ten times higher compared to HeNe systems. Nevertheless, maximum eye safety with laser protection class 1 is given.

Efficient Photodetectors

Photodetectors in this wavelength range have an efficiency of more than 98%. In conjunction with the higher laser power, the signal level is 20 dB higher than that of conventional laser Doppler vibrometers.


With just a single longitudinal laser mode, the sensitivity is independent of changes in the measuring distance. The immediate operational readiness of the device after switching on and stability against fluctuations in the ambient temperature are further advantageous properties.

Benefits of the Optomet Vibrometers

Further properties common to all Optomet vibrometry systems such as universal digital signal processing, real portability or intuitive hardware and software are described in more detail in the product-overview.

High Dynamic Range Laser Vibrometry