Experience true flexibility to meet your exact needs

The Optomet Fiber series is a further development of the Nova series, which combines the superior performance of SWIR (short-wavelength infrared) laser vibrometry with the flexibility of compact optical fiber-coupled heads. The laser vibrometers are connected to the optical heads by glass fibers. Separate fibers for the outgoing measurement beam and the incoming reflected signal ensure optimal signal quality without mutual interference.

Challenging Environmental Conditions

The separation of the optical head from the vibrometer provides customers a flexible solution to challenging measurement environments and speciality applications without the need for separate vibrometers for each scenario.

Compact and Flexible Measurement Heads

Small and compact optical heads make the system suitable for measurements in confined spaces and simplify handling considerably, especially when the heads have to be repositioned frequently. Variants with a built-in camera make it easier to define the measuring point. Heads are available for long distances and tiny heads are offered for extremely confined spaces.

Measurements in Harsh Environments

Optomet offers specialized optical heads designed for vacuum or climatic chambers as well as for operation under ionizing radiation. Fiber-optic connections can easily span dozens of meters, making measurements possible even under the most adverse conditions without the vibrometer being exposed to harsh environments.

Several Heads on one Vibrometer

An optical switch enables the connection of several optical heads to one instrument in order to monitor several measuring points with a single vibrometer. The switch and the selection of the active channel are controlled via Ethernet.

Advantages of the SWIR Optomet Vibrometer

The Fiber series combines the advantages of the Nova series with compact measuring heads and, like the former, enables problem-free measurements even on black, glowing or extremely rough surfaces. Like all Optomet vibrometers, the Fiber Series benefits from features like universal digital signal processing, real portability and intuitive hardware and software. More detail on these features can be found in the product-overview.