Biology and Medicine

Laser Doppler vibrometers from Optomet measure even the smallest vibrations or displacements using a non-contact principle, even on poorly reflective surfaces like bones, skin, tissue and insects. In addition to direct measurements on biological objects, our vibrometers are also used in the development of scientific devices and medical products.

Scientific and Medical Imaging Devices

High Magnification Imaging Devices that utilize precision stages for specimen placement often implement feed back control systems to ensure a fixed working distance during scans. Precise control of stage motion is critical for successful scans of biological specimens. Numerous vibration sources can affect the performance of these stages during scans which may cause an error in the reading. In cases of destructive testing, the biological sample cannot be rescanned resulting in costly waste of the sample. Sources of problematic vibrations can be environmental such as the laboratory or internal to the imaging device. Complicating matters is the sensitivity of the imaging process to undesired motion. Engineers create control systems that control stages with nanometer precision. Vibration problems such as these require a non-contact, highly sensitivity vibration measurement system that requires no surface treatment. Customers have come to rely on Optomet’s SWIR digital laser Doppler vibrometers to provide them the most sensitive vibration measurements possible without the need for surface treatment on dark, black, matte or other optically uncooperative surfaces. Using Optomet’s technology, engineers can qualify vibration levels and design solutions for challenging environments or internal instrument dynamics.

Dental Devices

Dental Scaler manufacturers measure vibrations of dental scalers to study correlations between dynamic response and subjective consumer preferences for cleaning performance and feel. By conducting vibration quality studies, scaler manufacturers seek to understand which vibration parameters in their scalers and competitive scalers relate to high or low practitioner preference. This valuable knowledge allows them to design vibration quality into their devices which meets customers expectations and captures more market share. Optomet’s SWIR digital scanning laser Doppler vibrometers are used to characterize these vibrations as devices should not be mass loaded or surface treated during testing to produce the most reliable and accurate data possible.