Tools & Machinery – Operating Deflection Shape

In order to acquire the dynamic behavior or the operating deflection shape of different kinds of machinery and equipment, Optomet laser Doppler vibrometers are the perfect measurement tools because they are flexible enough to measure all types of vibrations quickly and without contact even over long distances, rotating parts or glowing surfaces. Manufacturers from many industries with different products (from drilling machines to power plant generators) rely on Optomet.

Operational Vibration Analysis of Machines and Systems

The operational vibration analysis determines the vibration behavior of an object in a specific operating state. In contrast to the modal analysis, there is no artificial vibration excitation e.g. with the help of a shaker. Typically, operation excitation is limited to certain frequency bands.

An Optomet scanning vibrometer can measure the operational mode of vibration of an object and animate them by taking a large number of measurements at different points during operation. The combination of high spatial, amplitude and frequency resolution enables the developer or user to understand the behavior of the machine or system in detail and to optimize it in a targeted and efficient manner.

The investigation of such operating vibrations is used both for product development and for condition monitoring of plants and machines.

Practical Examples

Cutting discs are made, for example, of diamond-studded metal or resin-bonded aluminum oxide and sometimes have very rough surfaces. While measurements of vibrations on rotating objects are a challenge in themselves, they become even more demanding due to the high roughness of the surface. Even under these difficult conditions, Optomet’s scanning laser Doppler vibrometers can clearly identify the vibration modes of the rotating disks.

Vibrations of a rough rotating grinding wheel