Vibrometer Control & Measurement Software

Optomet software applications have been developed for seamless integration with Optomet laser Doppler vibrometers which form a fully digital solution for vibration measurements. All aspects of the measurement process are conveniently controlled and clearly presented on a PC or laptop through a uniform interface. Optomet offers the ideal solution for vibrometer control and measurement software.

OptoGUI Software

OptoSCAN – For Scanning Vibrometers

OptoSCAN is a comprehensive acquisition and analysis software for imaging vibration measurements with Optomet scanning laser Doppler vibrometers. Measurement results are presented clearly and animated. The measurement data can be exported for external processing.


OptoGUI – For Single-Point Vibrometers

The OptoGUI software for single-point vibrometers enables remote control of the vibrometer as well as acquisition, analysis and export of the measurement data via Ethernet interface.