Modal Hammer

vImpact Automatic Modal Hammer

The automated modal impact hammer by Maul-Theet enables users to eliminate double taps, precisely adjust impact force and create repeatable hits in nearly any impact testing scenario. The vImpact consists of a head unit with an actuated hammer and integrated force cell and a control unit for adjusting the frequency, amplitude and stroke of the hammer swing. Reduce testing time and improve test results!

  • Frequency ranges of 20kH or 60kHz

  • Sensitivity of 22.5 mV/N

  • Measurement Range of 222 N pk

  • Resonance Frequency of ≥ 300 kHz or ≥100kHz

  • Non-Linearity of ≤ 1%

  • Output Impedance of < 100Ohm

  • Multiple Triggering Options