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Laser Vibrometers

Fixed Point Digital SWIR Laser Vibrometers

Non-contact vibration measurement technology by OptoMET combines precise optics with state-of-the-art digital signal processing.

  • Extremely fine resolution of up to 2.5 nm/s (velocity) and 2 pm (displacement).

  • Excellent bandwidth (up to 10 MHz).

  • Vibration velocity up to 24.5 m/s.

  • Variable working distance of 0 mm to >300 m (with quick-change objective lenses)

  • Compact and extremely powerful (optics and electronics in one housing).

  • Large choice of different decoders for displacement, velocity, and acceleration.

  • Highest optical sensitivity.

  • Easy operation, color touch display, rotary knobs and buttons.

Scanning Digital SWIR Laser Vibrometers

OptoMET Scanning SWIR Laser Doppler Vibrometer (SLDV) is used for non-contact measurement, visualization and analysis of structural vibrations. It determines the Operational Deflection Shapes and Eigenmodes as easily as taking a video. Entire surfaces can be scanned automatically using flexible measurement grids. This powerful scanning system offers state-of-the-art digital signal processing Technology with extensive software for data acquisition, 3-D visualization and analysis.

  • Excellent signal level.

  • Very compact and easy to operate.

  • Highest accuracy and resolution.

  • Latest Scanning Technology.

  • Large working distance.

  • Up to 14 velocity measurement ranges: 2.45 mm/s to 24.5 m/s.

Scanning Digital SWIR Laser Vibrometers
with Nova Ethernet Digital Output Software

Dual Fiber Digital SWIR Laser Vibrometers

The OptoMET Dual Fiber SWIR Vibrometer consists of a SWIR vibrometer and a flexible Dual-Fiber head, different objective lenses either collimated or focused are available.

With its build-in stabilized SWIR laser the vibrometer gets a very good signal-to-noise ratio on all technical and organic surfaces. Thanks to our innovative digital signal processing technology the vibrometer achieves highest accuracy in combination with an outstanding resolution up to 4 nm/m for velocity and 4 pm for displacement.

With an additional fiber switch multiple fiber heads can be connected to the vibrometer, so you can multiplex many different channels (2, 4, 8, 16, …), the fiber switch comes with an electrical interface (Ethernet, USB, TTL, …) and can be remotely operated by a PC.